Is mental progress & physical progress.

Mindset is a huge component of any endeavor. It will make or break the effort, our frame of mind will determine how easy or hard a task is. I have been gaining weight, body fat and muscle. Starting on the(Tk) I joined a local gym which focuses on circuit training, adapted my diet from nearly…

Used to be: going to be.

Used to be: going to be. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to, unlearn who you used to be. Once you complete this task,room is created to bloom into who you are going to be. Have faith in the process: does the caterpillar know it will become a butterfly?

A time to redefine

I was fired from my job yesterday… out of the blue. This is the perfect time for me to redefine who I am. This is a great time for reflection and experimentation. I must continue with a beginners mind and remember to think. Otherwise I will be controlled by my lizard brain. I’ll leave you…

Steps to simplify

I have started to move the junk from my room into the spare room. Much of what I have (in my life is no longer serving me). Many of my books I will probably send off to the community by utilizing a give one take one library which we will implement at work.

First Check In

My quest for simplicity has just begun. I am embracing the ritual of spring cleaning. The yard came first because it effects the most people, it has along way to go but thats okay. Next I will move to the side Yard and the front yard, my room and the dreaded closet.

2020’s Theme: Simplicity

The more choices we have the more brainpower we need to use to make them. This applies to physical and psychological energy. In order to effectively live and learn the massive reduction of choices is necessary. This year I aim to simplify my life, will you join me? 1/9/2020: I have also decided to focus…