Capstone Entry 1 (3rd Feb Twenty Eighteen)

Im back again.

School has started up again.

I am in two classes, one is necessary for graduation. The other I am taking as an elective although they will play into each other as I complete my art capstone project. Our art capstone project is a community service project with documentation. We can work in our own group. The rules of the project are:

Work in groups with fellow artists and or community members on art related projects.

  • Individual Projects are allowed which are:
    • Specifically designed to meet a common goal.
    • Comprehensive in scope.
    • Clearly Designed.
    • With Specific Artistic Goals in Mind.

I have started to work together with two of my friends for the Ventura Coop our specific goal is to get a permaculture business up and running again.

My elective class is subtropical fruit tree. I will work them in with my work.

My next step is to get more knowledgeable on companion planting. Or permaculture guild building.

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