4 Hour Work Week notes & musings ch1

Over the past year I have been modifying my systems of living. I have been doing this intentionally, one small step at a time.

One step has been to meditate more often, as well as run more often. For meditation I have regularly (4 times a week) meditating 20 minutes during the day before I do anything. I have been running up to 10 miles.

I am working on my systems with the Bullet Journal method in order to reconnect and guide my creative life.

I will use the four hour work week to redesign my financial life as well as my mental operating system.

Chapter One of The Four Hour Work Week -to be referenced as 4HWW- is dedicated to introducing the concept of the New Rich. Ferriss suggests that the NR are concerned with freedom multipliers, the what, when, where and whom you are spending your time with. His reasoning is that the options you have are more important than the money that you make. The book is about how to see and create those options while expending the least effort and cost.

I order to see these options that one have you must be able perceive reality as it is and Identify the assumptions you have formed about it. In order to do so we need to heed Richard Feynman’s advice that :”The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

In my life the areas I need to work on is related to what I see my self being possible of doing.

These posts will improve in quality with time.

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